Interface TemplatedResourcesGenerator

Generator used to create resources relative to a given base identifier. Similar to ResourcesGenerator, but takes as input a string indicating where the templates are stored that need to be used for resource generation.


  • TemplatedResourcesGenerator

Implemented by



generate: ((templateFolder, location, options) => AsyncIterable<Resource>)

Type declaration

    • (templateFolder, location, options): AsyncIterable<Resource>
    • Generates resources with the given options, based on the given template folder. The output Iterable should be sorted so that containers always appear before their contents.


      • templateFolder: string

        Folder where the templates are located.

      • location: ResourceIdentifier

        Base identifier.

      • options: Dict<string>

        Options that can be used when generating resources.

      Returns AsyncIterable<Resource>

      A map where the keys are the identifiers and the values the corresponding representations to store.