Interface NotificationChannelType

A specific channel type as defined at

All functions that take a NotificationChannel as input only need to support channels generated by an initChannel on the same class.


  • NotificationChannelType

Implemented by


completeChannel: ((channel) => Promise<void>)

Type declaration

    • (channel): Promise<void>
    • This function will be called after the serialized channel is sent back as a response, allowing for any final actions that need to happen.


      Returns Promise<void>

extractModes: ((channel) => Promise<AccessMap>)

Type declaration

    • (channel): Promise<AccessMap>
    • Determines which modes are required to allow the given notification channel.


      Returns Promise<AccessMap>

      The required modes.

getDescription: (() => SubscriptionService)

Type declaration

initChannel: ((data, credentials) => Promise<NotificationChannel>)

Type declaration

toJsonLd: ((channel) => Promise<Record<string, unknown>>)

Type declaration

    • (channel): Promise<Record<string, unknown>>
    • Converts a NotificationChannel to a serialized JSON-LD representation.


      Returns Promise<Record<string, unknown>>