Interface Conditions

The conditions of an HTTP conditional request.


  • Conditions

Implemented by


matchesETag?: string[]

Valid if matching any of the given ETags.

matchesMetadata: ((metadata?, strict?) => boolean)

Type declaration

    • (metadata?, strict?): boolean
    • Checks validity based on the given metadata.


      • Optional metadata: RepresentationMetadata

        Metadata of the representation. Undefined if the resource does not exist.

      • Optional strict: boolean

        How to compare the ETag related headers. If true, exact string matching will be used to compare with the ETag for the given metadata. If false, it will take into account that content negotiation might still happen which can change the ETag.

      Returns boolean

modifiedSince?: Date

Valid if modified since the given date.

notMatchesETag?: string[]

Valid if not matching any of the given ETags.

unmodifiedSince?: Date

Valid if not modified since the given date.