Interface IdentityProviderFactoryArgs


  • IdentityProviderFactoryArgs


adapterFactory: AdapterFactory

Factory that creates the adapter used for OIDC data storage.

baseUrl: string

Base URL of the server.

clientCredentialsStore: ClientCredentialsStore

Store containing the generated client credentials with their associated WebID.

errorHandler: ErrorHandler

Used to convert errors thrown by the OIDC library.

interactionRoute: InteractionRoute<never>

The route where requests should be redirected to in case of an OIDC interaction.

jwkGenerator: JwkGenerator

Generates the JWK used for signing and decryption.

oidcPath: string

Path for all requests targeting the OIDC library.

promptFactory: PromptFactory

Used to generate new prompt that are needed in addition to the defaults prompts.

responseWriter: ResponseWriter

Used to write out errors thrown by the OIDC library.

showStackTrace: boolean

Extra information will be added to the error output if this is true.

storage: KeyValueStorage<string, string[]>

Storage used to store cookie keys, so they can be re-used in case of multithreading.