Interface ClientCredentialsStore

Stores and creates ClientCredentials.


  • ClientCredentialsStore

Implemented by


create: ((label, webId, accountId) => Promise<ClientCredentials>)

Type declaration

    • (label, webId, accountId): Promise<ClientCredentials>
    • Creates new token.


      • label: string

        Identifier to use for the new token.

      • webId: string

        WebID to identify as when using this token.

      • accountId: string

      Returns Promise<ClientCredentials>

delete: ((id) => Promise<void>)

Type declaration

    • (id): Promise<void>
    • Deletes the token with the given ID.


      • id: string

        ID of the token.

      Returns Promise<void>

findByAccount: ((accountId) => Promise<ClientCredentials[]>)

Type declaration

    • (accountId): Promise<ClientCredentials[]>
    • Find all tokens created by the given account.


      • accountId: string

        ID of the account.

      Returns Promise<ClientCredentials[]>

findByLabel: ((label) => Promise<undefined | ClientCredentials>)

Type declaration

get: ((id) => Promise<undefined | ClientCredentials>)

Type declaration