Class WebSocketChannel2023Type

The notification channel type WebSocketChannel2023 as described in

Requires read permissions on a resource to be able to receive notifications.




features: NamedNode<string>[]
logger: Logger = ...
path: string
shacl: unknown
shaclQuads?: Store<Quad, Quad, Quad, Quad>
type: NamedNode<string>


  • Returns an N3.js Store containing quads corresponding to the stored SHACL representation. Caches this result so the conversion from JSON-LD to quads only has to happen once.

    Returns Promise<Store<Quad, Quad, Quad, Quad>>

  • Validates whether the given data conforms to the stored SHACL shape. Will throw an UnprocessableEntityHttpError if validation fails. Along with the SHACL check, this also makes sure there is only one matching entry in the dataset.


    • data: Store<Quad, Quad, Quad, Quad>

      The data to validate.

    Returns Promise<Term>

    The focus node that corresponds to the subject of the found notification channel description.