Interface NotificationChannel

Internal representation of a notification channel. Most of the fields are those defined in

We only support notification channels with a single topic.



accept?: string

The media type in which the receiver expects the notifications.

endAt?: number

When the channel should stop existing, in milliseconds since epoch.

id: string

The unique identifier of the channel.

lastEmit?: number

Internal value that we use to track when this channel last sent a notification.

rate?: number

The minimal time required between notifications, in milliseconds.

receiveFrom?: string

The resource receivers can use to establish a connection and receive notifications.

sendTo?: string

The resource on the receiver where notifications can be sent.

sender?: string

Can be used to identify the sender.

startAt?: number

When the channel should start sending notifications, in milliseconds since epoch.

state?: string

The state parameter sent by the receiver. This is used to send a notification when the channel is established and the topic resource has a different state.

topic: string

The resource this channel sends notifications about.

type: string

The channel type.