Interface V6MigrationInitializerArgs


  • V6MigrationInitializerArgs


accountStorage: KeyValueStorage<string, Account | Settings>

The storage in which account data of the previous version is stored.

cleanupStorages: KeyValueStorage<string, any>[]

Storages for which all entries need to be removed.

clientCredentialsStorage: KeyValueStorage<string, ClientCredentials>

The storage in which client credentials are stored from the previous version.

newAccountStorage: AccountLoginStorage<Record<string, never>>

The storage that will contain the account data in the new format. Wrong typings to prevent Components.js typing issues.

newSetupStorage: KeyValueStorage<string, string>

The storage that will contain the setup entries in the new format.

setupStorage: KeyValueStorage<string, string>

The storage in which all setup values are stored, including the version of the server.

skipConfirmation?: boolean

If true, no confirmation prompt will be printed to the stdout.

versionKey: string

The key necessary to get the version from the setupStorage.