Interface SystemError

Interface for Node.js System errors

Node.js generates system errors when exceptions occur within its runtime environment. These usually occur when an application violates an operating system constraint. For example, a system error will occur if an application attempts to read a file that does not exist.


  • Error
    • SystemError


address?: string

If present, the address to which a network connection failed.

code: string

The string error code. Full list:

dest?: string

If present, the file path destination when reporting a file system error.

errno: string | number

The system-provided error number.

info?: unknown

If present, extra details about the error condition.

message: string
name: string
path?: string

If present, the file path when reporting a file system error.

port?: string

If present, the network connection port that is not available.

stack?: string
syscall: string

The name of the system call that triggered the error.