Interface Conditions

The conditions of an HTTP conditional request.


  • Conditions

Implemented by


matchesETag?: string[]

Valid if matching any of the given ETags.

matchesMetadata: ((metadata?, strict?) => boolean)

Type declaration

    • (metadata?, strict?): boolean
    • Checks validity based on the given metadata.


      • Optional metadata: RepresentationMetadata

        Metadata of the representation. Undefined if the resource does not exist.

      • Optional strict: boolean

        How to compare the ETag related headers. If true, the comparison will happen on representation level. If false, the comparison happens on resource level, ignoring the content-type.

      Returns boolean

modifiedSince?: Date

Valid if modified since the given date.

notMatchesETag?: string[]

Valid if not matching any of the given ETags.

unmodifiedSince?: Date

Valid if not modified since the given date.