Interface AppRunnerInput

Parameters that can be used to instantiate the server through code.

interface AppRunnerInput {
    argv?: string[];
    config?: string | string[];
    loaderProperties?: Partial<IComponentsManagerBuilderOptions<App>>;
    shorthand?: Shorthand;
    variableBindings?: VariableBindings;


argv?: string[]

An array containing CLI arguments passed to start the process. Entries here have the lowest priority for assigning values to variables.

config?: string | string[]

Path to the server config file(s). Defaults to @css:config/default.json.

loaderProperties?: Partial<IComponentsManagerBuilderOptions<App>>

Properties that will be used when building the Components.js manager. Default values:

  • typeChecking: false, as the server components would otherwise error.
  • mainModulePath: @css:, which resolves to the directory of the CSS package. This is useful for packages that depend on the CSS but do not create any new modules themselves.
shorthand?: Shorthand

CLI argument names and their corresponding values. E.g.: { rootFilePath: '.data' }. Abbreviated parameter names can not be used, so { f: '.data' } would not work.

In case both shorthand and variableBindings have entries that would result in a value for the same variable, variableBindings has priority.

variableBindings?: VariableBindings

Values to apply to the Components.js variables. These are the variables CLI values will be converted to. The keys should be the variable URIs. E.g.: { 'urn:solid-server:default:variable:rootFilePath': '.data' }.