Class UnionHandler<T>Abstract

Utility handler that allows combining the results of multiple handlers into one. Will run the handlers and then call the abstract combine function with the results, which then generates the handler's output.

Type Parameters

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  • Creates a new UnionHandler.

    When requireAll is false or ignoreErrors is true, the length of the input to combine can vary; otherwise, it is exactly the number of handlers.

    Type Parameters


    • handlers: T[]

      The handlers whose output is to be combined.

    • requireAll: boolean = false

      If true, will fail if any of the handlers do not support the input. If false, only the handlers that support the input will be called; will fail only if none of the handlers can handle the input.

    • ignoreErrors: boolean = !requireAll

      If true, ignores handlers that fail by omitting their output; if false, fails when any handlers fail.

    Returns UnionHandler<T>


handlers: T[]


  • Checks whether the input can be handled by this class. If it cannot handle the input, rejects with an error explaining why.


    Returns Promise<void>

    A promise resolving if the input can be handled, rejecting with an Error if not.