Class MethodNotAllowedHttpError

An error thrown when data was found for the requested identifier, but is not supported by the target resource. Can keep track of the methods that are not allowed.


  • BaseHttpError
    • MethodNotAllowedHttpError



cause?: unknown
errorCode: string
message: string
methods: readonly string[]
name: string
stack?: string
statusCode: 405
isInstance: ((error) => error is HttpError<405>)

Type declaration

    • (error): error is HttpError<405>
    • Checks whether the given error is an instance of this class.


      • error: unknown

      Returns error is HttpError<405>

statusCode: 405

The status code corresponding to this error class.

uri: NamedNode<string>

A unique URI identifying this error class.


  • Initializes the error metadata.

    Returns void