Class ComposedAuxiliaryStrategy

An AuxiliaryStrategy that provides its functionality through the combination of an AuxiliaryIdentifierStrategy, MetadataGenerator and Validator.


  • ComposedAuxiliaryStrategy




identifierStrategy: AuxiliaryIdentifierStrategy
metadataGenerator?: MetadataGenerator
ownAuthorization: boolean
requiredInRoot: boolean
validator?: Validator


  • Adds metadata related to this auxiliary resource, in case this is required for this type of auxiliary resource. The metadata that is added depends on the given identifier being an auxiliary or subject resource: the metadata will be used to link to the other one, and potentially add extra typing info.

    Used for: Solid, ยง4.3.1: "For any defined auxiliary resource available for a given Solid resource, all representations of that resource MUST include an HTTP Link header pointing to the location of each auxiliary resource."

    The above is an example of how that metadata would only be added in case the input is the subject identifier.


    Returns Promise<void>