Class BaseReadWriteLockerAbstract

A ReadWriteLocker that allows for multiple simultaneous read operations. Write operations will be blocked as long as read operations are not finished. New read operations are allowed while this is going on, which will cause write operations to wait longer.

Based on . As soon as 1 read lock request is made, the main lock is locked. Internally a counter keeps track of the amount of active read locks. Only when this number reaches 0 will the main lock be released again. The internal count lock is only locked to increase/decrease this counter and is released afterwards. This allows for multiple read operations, although only 1 at the time can update the counter, which means there can still be a small waiting period if there are multiple simultaneous read operations.

Classes extending this need to implement getCountLockIdentifier and modifyCount.




countLocker: ResourceLocker


  • Generate the identifier that will be used to acquire the count lock for the given identifier. There will be cases where this lock needs to be acquired while an active lock on the main resource is still being maintained. This means that if the input resourceLocker and countLocker use the same locking system this generated identifier needs to be different.


    Returns ResourceIdentifier

  • Run the given function while the resource is locked. The lock will be released when the (async) input function resolves. This function should be used for operations that only require reading the resource.

    Type Parameters

    • T


    Returns Promise<T>

    A promise resolving when the lock is released.