Handles the creation of pods. Will call the stored PodStore with the provided settings.

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baseUrl: string
identifierGenerator: IdentifierGenerator
logger: Logger = ...
podStore: PodStore
relativeWebIdPath: string
webIdStore: WebIdStore


  • Checks whether the input can be handled by this class. If it cannot handle the input, rejects with an error explaining why.


    Returns Promise<void>

    A promise resolving if the input can be handled, rejecting with an Error if not.

  • Creates a pod with the given settings. In case pod creation fails, the given WebID link will be removed, if there is one, before throwing an error.


    • accountId: string
    • settings: PodSettings
    • overwrite: boolean
    • OptionalwebIdLink: string

    Returns Promise<string>

  • Links the WebID to the account if linkWebId is true. Also updates the oidcIssuer value in the settings object in that case.


    • linkWebId: boolean
    • webId: string
    • accountId: string
    • settings: PodSettings

    Returns Promise<undefined | string>