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Account management

The main entry point is the IdentityProviderHandler, which routes all requests targeting a resource starting with /.account/ into this handler, after which it goes through similar parsing handlers as described here, the flow of which is shown below:

flowchart LR

  Handler --> ParsingHandler
  ParsingHandler --> AuthorizingHandler
  AuthorizingHandler --> HttpHandler("<strong>IdentityProviderHttpHandler</strong><br>IdentityProviderHttpHandler")

The IdentityProviderHttpHandler is where the actual differentiation of this component starts. It handles identifying the account based on the supplied cookie and determining the active OIDC interaction, after which it calls an InteractionHandler with this additional input. The InteractionHandler is many handlers chained together as follows:

flowchart TD
  HttpHandler --> InteractionHandler("<strong>InteractionHandler</strong><br>WaterfallHandler")
  InteractionHandler --> InteractionHandlerArgs

  subgraph InteractionHandlerArgs[" "]

  LockingInteractionHandler --> JsonConversionHandler("<strong>JsonConversionHandler</strong><br>JsonConversionHandler")
  JsonConversionHandler --> VersionHandler("<strong>VersionHandler</strong><br>VersionHandler")
  VersionHandler --> CookieInteractionHandler("<strong>CookieInteractionHandler</strong><br>CookieInteractionHandler")
  CookieInteractionHandler --> RootControlHandler("<strong>RootControlHandler</strong><br>ControlHandler")
  RootControlHandler --> LocationInteractionHandler("<strong>LocationInteractionHandler</strong><br>LocationInteractionHandler")
  LocationInteractionHandler --> InteractionRouteHandler("<strong>InteractionRouteHandler</strong><br>WaterfallHandler")

The HtmlViewHandler catches all request that request an HTML output. This class keeps a list of HTML pages and their corresponding URL and returns them when needed.

If the request is for the JSON API, the request goes through a chain of handlers, each responsible for a specific step in the API process. We'll list and summarize these here:

  • LockingInteractionHandler: In case the request is authenticated, this requests a lock on that account to prevent simultaneous operations on the same account.
  • JsonConversionHandler: Converts the streaming input into a JSON object.
  • VersionHandler: Adds a version number to all output.
  • CookieInteractionHandler: Refreshes the cookie if necessary and adds relevant cookie metadata to the output.
  • RootControlHandler: Responsible for adding all the controls to the output. Will take as input multiple other control handlers which create the nested values in the controls field.
  • LocationInteractionHandler: Catches redirect errors and converts them to JSON objects with a location field.
  • InteractionRouteHandler: A WaterfallHandler containing an entry for every supported API route.