Supports IDP registration and pod creation based on input parameters.

The above behaviour is combined in the two class functions. validateInput will make sure all incoming data is correct and makes sense. register will call all the correct handlers based on the requirements of the validated parameters.


  • RegistrationManager



accountStore: AccountStore
baseUrl: string
identifierGenerator: IdentifierGenerator
logger: Logger = ...
ownershipValidator: OwnershipValidator
podManager: PodManager
webIdSuffix: string


  • Makes sure the input conforms to the following requirements when relevant:

    • At least one option needs to be chosen.
    • In case a new WebID needs to be created, the other 2 steps will be set to true.
    • Valid email/WebID/password/podName when required.
    • Only create a root pod when allowed.


    A cleaned up version of the input parameters. Only (trimmed) parameters that are relevant to the registration procedure will be retained.


    • input: Dict<unknown>

      Input parameters for the registration procedure.

    • allowRoot: boolean = false

      If creating a pod in the root container should be allowed.

    Returns RegistrationParams