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Releasing a new version

This is only relevant if you are a developer with push access responsible for doing a new release.

Steps to follow:

  • Merge main into versions/x.0.0.
  • Verify if there are issues when upgrading an existing installation to the new version.
    • Can the data still be accessed?
    • Does authentication still work?
    • Is there an issue upgrading any of the dependent repositories (see below for links)?
    • None of the above has to be blocking per se, but should be noted in the release notes if relevant.
  • Verify that the are correct.
  • npm run release -- -r major
    • Automatically updates Components.js references to the new version. Committed with chore(release): Update configs to vx.0.0.
    • Updates the package.json, and generates the new entries in Commited with chore(release): Release version vx.0.0 of the npm package
    • Optionally run npx commit-and-tag-version -r major --dry-run to preview the commands that will be run and the changes to
  • The postrelease script will now prompt you to manually edit the
    • All entries are added in separate sections of the new release according to their commit prefixes.
    • Re-organize the entries accordingly, referencing previous releases. Most of the entries in Chores and Documentation can be removed.
    • Press any key in your terminal when your changes are ready.
    • The postrelease script will amend the release commit, create an annotated tag and push changes to origin.
  • Merge versions/x.0.0 into main and push.
  • Do a GitHub release.
  • npm publish
    • Check if there is a next tag that needs to be replaced.
  • Rename the versions/x.0.0 branch to the next version.
  • Update .github/workflows/schedule.yml and .github/dependabot.yml to point at the new branch.
  • Potentially upgrade dependent repositories:

Changes when doing a pre-release of a major version:

  • Version with npm run release -- -r major --prerelease alpha
  • Do not merge versions/x.0.0 into main.
  • Publish with npm publish --tag next.
  • Do not update the branch or anything related.